Team Hadrian rides Tour de Cure

Team Hadrian is officially up and running on the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure website, and we’re recruiting members. Anyone interested?

2010 Tour de Cure Jersey

I’m slated to ride 100 miles, but we don’t all have to do the same distance. Routes range from 10 – 100 miles, and there are even three mountain bike options. I’ve set the initial fundraising goal at $1000 because our team only has two members. But I can raise that at any time, and will gladly do so with each new rider who joins us. There are incentives to be had for everyone who reaches the $250 fundraising level and above. If you raise at least $500, you can get yourself one of the sweet-looking jerseys pictured here.

Of course, it really isn’t about incentives, but about the  cause. The ADA reports that more than 23.6 million Americans suffer from diabetes. I already have a list of six names I’ll be wearing on my jersey of people who I or my sponsors know who have been effected by this disease. Among them are three members of my family: my mom, an uncle, and an aunt who died as a result of diabetes.

So, if you’re a rider of any sort at all, join our team and come ride with us. Either way, please give.


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