PALM xxix

PALM registration forms were mailed January 12. I received mine January 14 and returned it yesterday. I hope there will be a goodly showing from Lenawee County. Thus far, I know of six from Adrian who are making plans to participate. If you’re intending to go, post a comment and let us know.

A few weeks ago, some of us were discussing “team” t-shirts. How about Team Hadrian? (I can be shamelessly self-serving at times.)

Alas, June is still many months away. Hence, returning our attention to January, how many of you will be taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather this weekend?

Weather for Adrian, MI

Mostly Sunny
36°F | 25°F
Mostly Sunny
38°F | 23°F
Mostly Sunny
38°F | 25°F

I’m going to try to ride all three days. Would anyone care to log some early-2010 miles this Sunday?


15 responses to “PALM xxix

  1. I’ll answer that call as Rhode Island is promising similar temps for Saturday & Sunday with highs between 40 and 45 degrees. I didn’t get a ride in yesterday as I’d hoped, but I‘m sure to get one in today or tomorrow.

  2. Received PALM application on the 14th also and sent it out in the mail the same day. I am planning on riding later today and hopefully tomorrow too. Need to lose some holiday pounds. I have talked to three other people from Lenawee County who are planning on riding in PALM. Team Hadrian t-shirts sound great.

  3. Mailed mine today also. Now the dinners, I filed for The Veggie option. Hope it is more then an Apple 🙂 As I have only camped once and it was years ago with sons, not a good experience I am kinda concerned about that. My packing list, will be looking for suggestions and stopping by the Adrian Bike for ideas also.

  4. Fantastic! That makes 11 (assuming we all get in), and I’m sure there are others.

    I signed up for the breakfasts this year, since I won’t have my own personal SAG vehicle fetching Honeybuns and Starbucks Frappuccinos every day, alas. I’m planning to ride into town for evening meals. I took a quick look at all the stops, and there seem be plenty of Subways and pizza joints at least.

    I’m sure everyone here who’s done this or another tour will be more than happy to offer tips an suggestions. Another place to look is the PALM blog.

  5. So how were your rides, LuAnn and Nathan? I found myself all too frequently thinking that we were already amidst the early days of spring.

  6. It was a great, simple, 14 mile ride. My average speed was a bit low (16 mph), but I kept reminding myself that I wasn’t out to set any records today, only to soak up the nicer weather. Additionally, I didn’t climb the rest of my hill at the end of the trip like we discussed, instead I gave into the temptation of stopping off at our house. However, I’ve resolved to go the distance tomorrow! Also, I saw another cyclist while I was out. I ended up passing him twice as him and I were riding the same loop just in opposite directions. Man I love to ride.

  7. I did 11 miles today averaging only about 11-12 mph. Only saw one other cyclist from a distance on the Kiwanis Trail. Only wore a light rain jacket over two other layers and was too warm. Talked to one more person from Lenawee County tonight at dinner who is thinking about doing PALM. She is trying to talk her husband into going too. I told her she better get her application sent back soon as it filled so quickly last year.

  8. Good for you, LuAnn, both on the ride and the fine recruiting effort. You should talk the PALM organizers into some sort of discount in lieu of a finder’s fee.

  9. I spoke today with or about at least four others who are, to varying degrees, thinking about PALM. That puts us at around 16, by my count. Rock on, Team Hadrian! ha ha.

  10. I just checked the PALM website and they report that the ride is already 1/3 full and that they expect a large number of applications in today’s mail. I’m getting nervous as my application is just going out in today’s mail. Wish me luck.

  11. Yikes! That’s nuts. Yes, good luck to you indeed! Let us know as soon as you’ve heard something one way or the other.

    They must have received mine by now, but I haven’t been notified.

  12. with a good enough group, you can probably afford to have your tees printed, but if it’s costly, i’ll volunteer to make them with iron-on transfers. we can work out a groovy logo and print right onto the transfer paper.

  13. I was lucky my neighbor brought me over an application for PALM this past weekend, which I mailed in saturday. I filled out an email for request along time ago, join LMB and still never got mine in the mail. Wonder why.

  14. Good luck! Let’s us know when you receive word. If you get in, at least you’ll you’ll be assured of being on the mailing list for next year.