Adrian College Cycling Club

Good news: it’s official (almost). Today, one of my students will be submitting paperwork to the College Environment Committee requesting that Adrian College Cycling Club be recognized as an official student organization. The Committee will meet next Friday. We’ll have to be present to make our pitch in person and answer any questions, after which they’ll either decide in our favor or ask that we revisit some issues and resubmit the application.

Here’s a slice from the proposed constitution:


We, the cyclists of Adrian College, in order to encourage and contribute to a clean and healthy environment and lifestyle, propose a new student organization that will promote and support cycling in all its many forms—transportation, recreation, fitness, and sport.


The purpose of this organization is five-fold:

  • To encourage the use of bicycles as alternative, environmentally-friendly transportation among Adrian College students, staff, and faculty;
  • To advocate for bicycle-friendly infrastructure on and around campus (e.g., bike racks, a bike-share program, etc.);
  • To promote cycling for health and fitness;
  • To support recreational and sport cycling by means of organized group rides of various distances and participation in charity events; and
  • To use bicycles and cycling activities to raise funds in support of green-friendly initiatives both on and off campus.

Keep your fingers crossed. If this goes through, not only we it provide an opportunity for recreational cycling for students, but it will also be the first step toward encouraging more students to make use of bicycles for transportation, and perhaps even position us to begin exploring the possibility of a campus bike-share program.

For those so inclined, you can check us out on Facebook.


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