halfway home

I promise more details with pictures to come in the future, but just wanted to write a quick post to let you know the first leg of my partial commute was a success! I woke up this morning at 4:50, geared up, arrived at the mall at 5:30, geared some more, arrived at work at 5:55, showered up, then brewed a fresh cup of coffee (French Press style). I feel absolutely great!  However, the trip didn’t go completely without a couple of hitches. I forgot my water bottle in the car, got bike grease on my work pants while walking it to my desk and my computer didn’t register any of my miles. As an aside, that last point is a huge disappointment as I’d secretly (although not so much so now I suppose) decided to challenge my brother’s goal of biking 3,500 miles in 2010. Ironic, don’t you think, that he was one who handed the computer down to me in the first place? Sure, it could’ve been a problem with my installation of it, but I cry foul play! Scribe: “So you want to take on my miles goal for the year, eh, little brother? Well, heck, don’t bother going out and getting a brand new computer, I’ve got one you can use …”


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  1. Yay! Way to go, Nathan! Congrats on your first successful commute (assuming you make it back to your car without incident this afternoon, of course). Don’t sweat the grease on your pants. Wear it like a badge of honor.

    Brother, I can’t believe the computer didn’t register your miles. That sucks! Seriously. What a drag. Did you have a chance to test it beforehand? Regardless, here’s what you do. (1) Use Google Maps or Map My Ride to figure out the mileage and record it in a notebook. You still get credit for the miles. (2) Call Cateye and get a return authorization so you can send the computer back to them for a repair or a replacement. Be sure to tell them you just installed a fresh battery.

    I’m really sorry it didn’t work. I remember how chagrined I was when it quit working on me mid-way through the Young’s Ice Cream Charity Tour.

    How did you feel in terms of warmth?

  2. That’s the thing, I did test the computer out at home and whenever I spun the wheel the MPH would register and the TRIP would increase. Matter of fact, I just now moved the sensor a little bit closer to the magnet and it’s picking up the revolutions again. Anyway, I’ll keep playing around with it a bit longer to see if I can get some consistency out of it, if not, I’ll send it back to Cateye. In the interim, I’ll keep a log book like you said.

    Regarding the warmth, I felt the cold but didn’t feel cold if that makes sense. The only issue I had really were the fingertips, however, I’m not sure if that was due to inadequate insulation in the gloves or poor circulation in the arms. I was a wearing a back pack and after readjusting the straps and shaking out my hands it seemed to help a bit. All in all a comfortable ride for it being 29˚

  3. Super, what a cold ride I bet! I did not even jog outside but headed to the Y and drove there:( I know MI will be 70 degrees someday.
    As Green as it may not be, I put a new battery in my computer every spring. I know I can keep track of my miles in a log the old fashion way. But I feel I accomplished so much when I see the display.

  4. Thanks sarahwb! Yeah, it was cold, but having the proper attire really helped. Believe it or not, today and tomorrow are supposed to be RI’s “heat wave” days with temps ranging between 30-40. I’m with you though, just longing and hoping for those warmer days. Funny, something I didn’t count on with losing the weight I did was being more susceptible to the cold – less fat to insulate! In regards to the computer, when my brother was visiting we replaced the battery which seemed to work, but now we’re thinking it might have gotten shorted out as a result of in-climate weather during one of his rides. Fortunately, it’s still under warranty and can be replaced if need be. Like you, I too am motivated by the display. Matter of fact, I had taken a before shot with my camera of the readout with intentions of taking an after shot too and displaying the images side-by-side in a post. Sort of a like a kick-off to the new year. Oh well, maybe I can work some magic with Photoshop …

  5. Cycling to work in January … totally impressive. I am in awe. Feeling like a wimp for waiting for March to arrive every year before getting in the saddle. Nathan, you are an inspiration!

  6. Thanks Stephanie, but I wouldn’t sell yourself short. I say bust the whole March time frame wide open and plan a very late February ride instead, just to say you did it.