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SAVE THE DATE: the League of Michigan Bicyclists‘ annual Michigan Bike Summit will be held in Lansing on March 27. Stay tuned for more information and/or watch the LMB website for updates. If anyone from Lenawee County (part of LMB’s Region 6) would like to attend, let’s talk about going together. It would be nice to represent our area, and I’m sure we’d stand to learn a lot from the workshops planned.

MAY IS BIKE MONTH. Look forward to various events in our area. One item already on the calendar is the Ride of Silence on May 19. This will be a nine-mile ride coordinated by Jim Dickson.

My little brother swears he’ll be getting back in the game with respect to this website, so keep an eye out for that. Heaven knows he better given that he’s been right in thick of tackling the first hurdle inherent in all new things: getting started. Most recently, he’s been learning all about different ways to outfit oneself for cold-weather riding so that he can dispense with excuses and delays, and instead capitalize on his enthusiasm and excitement, and take up winter riding. Moreover, refusing to be dissuaded by the distance between his house and his job, he’s planning next week to begin splitting his commute between car and bicycle. I’m really hoping that reading about his experiences of balancing the realities of budget, family, time, distance, weather, and all the rest will inspire others to realize that anyone can do this, and the payoffs are unmatched.

Meanwhile, having read that my goal is to log 3500 miles this year (I’m going to try to do without counting the miles from my daily commute, by the way, since they aren’t officially registered on my bike computer), he’s decided to do likewise. So we’re going to make a friendly competition of it and see who can get there first and who ends up logging the most by December 31. Bring it on! Plans are already in the works to do the Southern Ontario Century Ride together.

Now, here’s some fun stuff to put a smile on your face, help you waste time at work, and think about happy days spent carving lines on two wheels:

  • A little ditty called “Bicycle Wreck” (click the link to the right of the page) by The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band.
  • A beautiful video called “Waltz of the Bicycles” that makes me pine for an alternative downtown reality, among other things. (It also gives me a mad crazy itch for a Batavus bicycle, or the like. Yep, I’ve got to get me one of those someday.)
  • The first episode of a new online series called Pedaling, “Pizza Fixation,” which made me laugh out loud. Of course, it also made me want to ditch work and go for a ride (but not to Whole Foods).
  • A crazy (in a good sort of way) and mildly disturbing (in its own way) music video by Thirty Seconds to Mars, which I found via Bike Date. (It was posted nearly two months ago. I guess I haven’t been too good about frequenting the site.) I’m not entirely sure what we’re supposed to take away from the Mad Max quality permeating the presentation.

2 responses to “bits and pieces

  1. What will be the goings on at the Bike Summit in Lansing? This is a good reason to visit my son at College too.

  2. No official information has been posted yet, but email chatter has indicated there will be 12 breakout sessions, focusing on the Ride of Silence, bike safety, etc. Bicycle-Friendly Communities will be discussed. And Andy Clarke from the League of American Bicyclists will be a keynote speaker.