new year’s revolutions

Happy New Year everyone. I hope the days ahead are kind to you, particularly in terms of safe travel and tailwinds whenever you’re on your bicycle.

2009 was a pretty decent year, as far as time on my bike is concerned. I logged over 2500 miles. I rode my first tour, my first two charity rides, and my first century. So here are my cycling-related goals for 2010:

  • Tally 3500 miles.
  • Ride in two tours.
  • Participate in three charity events.
  • Ride two centuries.

I think these are all well within reach (though it might be tough to get away for two tours), and I look forward to each one.

Although it will be more difficult to quantify, I really hope we’ll see in Adrian throughout the coming year more and more people on bicycles, whether for transportation or for sport. I hope with that will come increased awareness and support for bicycle infrastructure. The two go hand in hand, each resulting in more of the other. I know I’m not the only one who would like to see this, and I’m confident that it can happen. Momentum is building. Pedal on.


2 responses to “new year’s revolutions

  1. My cycling goals for 2010 (and I do set goals every year for cycling):
    ride in a tour or two which will be a first for me
    log at least 1000 miles
    make sure I ride my bike to any trip that is under 10 miles round trip such as the Y.

    On a side note I would love to ride in the winter months, I just can not do it. Afraid of slipping and sliding away! So my ride months are less then yours.

  2. Those are terrific goals! More power to you!

    If you really want to give winter riding a try, wait for a beautiful, clear day, preferably one that’s come after a series of such days. Find a dry, very quiet, traffic-free location (e.g., a cleared stretch of bike path, a paved road inside a park area, or a nearby country road). Then simply ride, rinse, repeat. You’ll love it.

    Chances are, you won’t even need to worry about any slippery conditions. If you encounter ice and snow, avoid it if possible. If you can’t avoid it, do your best not to tense up. Proceed with caution. If necessary, just hope off and walk until you’ve cleared the slick stuff.