bike happy day

Roughly ten days into the winter break, I finally decided to stay away from the office and spend with my bikes. Here’s what I did:

  • I pumped up the tires on nearly every bicycle in the stable.
  • I adjusted the saddle on the Gary Fisher so Ms. McCaskill can use it for this evening’s Yuletide Ride instead of her Schwinn Breeze. (It turns out that she happens to feel quite good on a newer bike. (She looks good, too.) Of course, the better she feels, the more likely she is to ride. So now I’m hinting around about taking her into the bike shop to check out what’s available in her size.
  • I cleaned and lubricated the drive train on my Fuji Special Tourer. I absolutely cannot believe what a toll the winter riding has taken on it already. The chain, chain rings, and cassette had more rust on them than when I first found the bike at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Fortunately, it was all on the surface and cleaned up fairly easily, but I simply must do a better job of wiping  down the bike day-to-day, and then cleaning and lubricating the drive train on a weekly basis.
  • I finally found a way (I think, I hope) to jury-rig a solution to f ix my derailleur on the Special Tourer so that it’s more securely attached, ensuring that the wheel and chain line maintain better alignment.
  • I tightened the rear hub on the Special Tourer.
  • I adjusted the brakes on the Breeze.
  • During breaks to warm up indoors, I ordered some new bike stuff.
  • I got the hitch for the kids’ pull-behind trailer installed on the Fuji. Then my eldest and I gave it a test run.
  • Finally, I installed the bike rack on the car and pulled together all the various accoutrements for tonight’s Yuletide Ride.

OK, yeah, I think that’s everything. Whew. It was a very bike happy day. And now, we’re off to the ride. I can’t wait to see who turns out. It’s going to be great.


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