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The following announcement/appeal was left as a comment this past Saturday. I thought that rather than leave there to be seen only by a few I’d give it a bit more exposure by making it a proper post. This looks like a good effort to tackle a desperate problem. I wish I had the time and money to join them for a week. In lieu of that, I’ll certainly be giving some thought to volunteering a little bit of time to help spread the word. I encourage you to check out their website and respond as you see fit.

Hello, I enjoyed reading your blog and I was hoping to get your help.

This summer myself and 90 other riders are going to be riding our bikes across the United States to raise money and awareness for the water crisis in Africa. The program is a division of Compassion Corps called Wheels for Wells. http://www.wheelsforwells.org

Our goal is to raise $200,000 which will provide clean drinking water to up to 40,000 people in Sub-Sahara Africa. The way we raise the money is that we simply just find bike riders who are willing to commit a week of their life to join us in our campaign. The trip cost $2500, which entitles the riders to 3 meals a day, hotel and SAG/Safety support.

We are really look for 2 things.
1. Riders
2. Volunteers

The average volunteer works from home and commits 1 hour a week to sending out emails to a list of people that we have on our databases.

If you are interested, I was wondering if we could schedule a time to talk.


Christopher Carr
Director, Wheels for Wells


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