never mind the man behind the brake cable

Ahh, the glory of an amateur effort. Behold! A video tour of my late afternoon commute home from campus. It was shot this past Monday, which was a spectacularly gorgeous Fall day in our little corner of the world. Take a gander, and tell me if our humble little hamlet doesn’t look ever so charming from the vantage point of my vintage Fuji.

This is my first effort at something like this. Beg pardon the rough edges. All in all, I think Ms. McCaskill did a stellar job with the editing. I’m much obliged. A tip of the cap to the Cowboy Junkies for the soundtrack. And cheers to Adrian, Michigan. You look smashing.




4 responses to “never mind the man behind the brake cable

  1. I can’t believe no-one’s commented on this video yet – it’s great! I especially love the looks of confusion and terror on the peoples’ face when you’re almost upon them in the picnic table area. Consider next time mounting a rear video camera too to capture the looks and/or gestures of people as you zoom past them.

  2. Thanks! I wondered if anyone even noticed the folks at that picnic table. In any event, I’m not sure I’d want to see the looks and gestures behind me after I pass. ha ha.

  3. Great video, clever idea. I am amazed there were not more people cycling on that gorgeous fall day! Perhaps if more cyclists kept cameras on their handlebars, the motorists would be kinder to us. 🙂