PALM 2010

Plans for the 2010 edition of PALM are well underway. (Thanks, LuAnn, for alerting to me to the fact that a preliminary route has been posted.) The event will run July 19-25. The ride is slated (tentatively) to begin in South Haven, and to proceed through Otswego, Hastings, Eaton Rapids, Grass Lake, Milan, before finally concluding at Erie Metro Park.

Last year, Adrian was represented by a small but respectable contingent. This year, I think we should do some recruiting to see if we can get our numbers up a little. If there are enough of us, maybe we could make plans to all camp together. Maybe we could even get some t-shirts for our group. Any takers?


9 responses to “PALM 2010

  1. Just think it’s only nine months away. We should be able to develop a pretty sweet t-shirt design by then.
    On a different note, great job on your Vintage Fuji rehab, it’s a beauty.

  2. Indeed! I can’t wait to get started.

    Thanks for the compliments on the Fuji. Ready to tackle yours, yet?

  3. First PALM or any long ride tour, looking forward to it. Honest opinion, is this a good one to start with?

    • Sorry for the late reply; I’ve been out-of-town visiting family and away from my computer. Yes, I think PALM is an excellent tour to begin with. A large percentage of the participants each year are first-timers. The distances are very manageable, and extra miles are available if you want them. The support is outstanding, and the organizers do a fantastic job with the route. If this weren’t enough, you meet a lot of really great, friendly folks.

      So, tell us more about your interest in riding PALM this year. I look forward to seeing you there, if not around town beforehand.

  4. I ride between 800-1000 miles summer by myself and thought a group event ride would be something to try. Must say I am not a camper, so that part does concern me. But I was told after the first night I will be used o the tent. Will a list of items to pack be listed after acceptance?

  5. I think you’ll really enjoy group riding. Any group ride has it merits, but a big event like this comes with so much excitement and energy.

    Admittedly, the camping can be a little rough. It helps, though, that you’re pretty tired at the end of the day. The PALM website has suggestions on what sort of gear to bring. You might also watch and post questions on the PALM blog. And, of course, we can certainly talk about it more here.

  6. PS: Make absolutely certain that you’re on the PALM mailing list a.s.a.p., and return your complete registration as fast as you can. The ride fills up very, very quickly.

    One of the benefits of the ride, I think, especially for doing this for the first time, is that they insist on keeping the limit at 700 riders, despite ever-growing interest.

  7. Yes I am on the Mailing list. Hopefully I will get in before it fills up. I have looked into other rides also. Are there others you suggest?

  8. PALM is the only one I’ve done thus far. But since I’m hoping to do at least two tours this year, I’m also considering GOBA. I’ve heard great things about DALMAC, but it’s in September and that poses a scheduling conflict for me. I’m looking into others. I’ll keep you posted. Feel free to make your own recommendations as well.