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Fuji Bottom Bracket reducedFirst, an update on the Fuji Special Tourer. This weekend, after removing the old bar tape and all of the crusty cables and housings, I overhauled the bottom bracket and headset, cleaning and polishing everything I could along the way. What great fun! I am convinced that there are few things so cool and so rewarding as pulling apart, for the first time in decades, the inner workings of a bicycle, cleaning, refreshing, and re-assembling the unit, and watching it spin the way it did when it rolled out the door for the first time at some local bike shop 35 years ago.

As I worked, I stumbled upon a few things that I need to investigate further. Some issues are probably minor: a bent rear dropout, and a front dropout that doesn’t take the wheel as easily as it should. But one is cause for great concern: a crack running across the top tube just before it meets the lug at the head tube. I’m hoping it’s only surface deep, as there are no other indicators of frame damage. Keep your fingers crossed. It would be a tremendous disappointment to learn that this bike is no good.

Update: Good news! Both of the mechanics at the bike shop think the crack is only a flesh wound. Onward we roll…

Meanwhile, remaining optimistic and hopeful, I’ve ordered a rack, handlebar bag, fenders, and a sweet, long-awaited, self-indulgent Brooks B-17 Special saddle in honey. Now, despite second thoughts about keeping it, I have no choice but to sell my Gary Fisher bike! Otherwise, I’m going to be in very big trouble.

Fuji crack reduced

Now, I want to throw out a couple of ideas for local rides/events. First, with the fall weather settling in, I think those of us in and around Adrian ought to organize a “Tweed Ride.” We’ve all got an old bike within easy reach. Oil the chain, inflate the tires, and grab your favorite wool skirt or hounds-tooth blazer, and let’s take the long way round to the local pub. What say ye?

Second, if there’s anything I miss from my time in Dayton, OH, it’s the bike path network in that area. I’ve been toying with the idea of a weekend jaunt that would begin at the northern terminus of the Simon Kenton Trail in Urbana, OH, proceed to the southern terminus of the Little Miami Scenic Trail in Newtown (89.3 miles) where we’d spend the night, and return to Urbana on day two. Any takers? I can be flexible on the distance. I think it makes the most sense to begin in Urbana in order to shorten the drive from Adrian. At the other end, however, Loveland and Milford are viable alternatives to shave a few miles, and both are likely to offer a bit more to do in the evening.


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  1. What a lucky find, and again congratulations on the century! Also, tentative schedule for PALM 2010 is South Haven to Erie MetroPark. Can’t wait!