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This past Saturday, Dennis, John, Bill, Jeff, Marsha, and I rolled out from west Adrian at 7:45am. The air was crisp, the sky somewhat foreboding, and the weather forecast anything but optimistic. Doppler be damned. What unfolded was a magnificent fall day.

saturday morning start


I posted the route map some time ago, but here it is again for those interested.

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It was a fantastic route. We were treated to roads that were in good shape and largely quiet, and to some terrific scenery. We kept a fairly easy pace, which allowed for plenty of enjoyable conversation, and also ensured that exhaustion and fatigue were kept to a minimum. Kay provided great SAG support, with snack stops at frequent intervals and a delicious lunch in Whitehouse, Ohio.

I rode my bike to the starting point, to be sure I cleared the 100-mile mark. I finished the ride with103.95 on the trip odometer. Aside from some stiffness in my shoulders and neck, I felt terrific. Tired, yes, but terrific. It helped, I’m sure, that we celebrated our tour with champagne and munchies.

One of the high points came at roughly 97 miles when we passed the house of our friend, LuAnn, who unfortunately wasn’t able to join us this year. Still very much with us in spirit, however, she had parked her bicycle at the end of her driveway with a handmade sign leaning against it congratulating us on having come so far. Thanks again, LuAnn!

Meanwhile, one of the low points of the trip was running into one of my students while wearing my bike gear. We’ve seen each other since, and neither of us has spoken of the unpleasantness. My hope is that his mildly inebriated state left him thinking it was all nothing more than a bad dream.



Now, a word about the name. This is the second annual century event for John and Dennis. With the addition of Bill and myself, and a pledge to do it again next year, it was decided that this thing is on the brink of going legit, of becoming a bona fide movement. Movements don’t survive without names. So, with the mind softened by the day’s exertion, and the imagination fueled by champagne, we proposed (tentatively, pending possible lawsuits for copyright infringement and clearer heads sure to come with time) to name this “The Nutty Bar 100.” Not only does it so happen that Nutty Bars are the junk food of choice for our gang, but the name simply has a pleasantly funky ring to it, wouldn’t you agree?

I hope some of you will be able to join us next year.


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  1. you rock! i’m so proud of you…