a wave and a nod

Two shout-outs to local Adrian riders.

First, to the guy on the sweet-looking, lime green fixie cruising Art-A-Licious.  I made note of the name on the frame as you rode by, but now it escapes me.

Second, cheers to the guy heading south on M-52 (on the sidewalk unfortunately), hauling what appeared to be a rather hefty bag of ice or groceries. Man, I dig that old school Fuji you were pedaling. Let me be the first know if you’re ever looking to unload it.

So long as I’m pontificating about who or what deserves notice this fine evening, tsk, tsk to the dude that about ran me over on the sidewalk as I was stepping out of El Chapulin Saturday evening. Use the streets, my friend. And if you think it’s worth putting your boy in a helmet while you’re carting him around in the child’s seat, then snap one on your own noggin if for no other reason than the sake of setting before him an example.

It sure is nice seeing all these bikes around town. Pedal on, Adrian.


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