Bliss(field, that is)

Guest contributor, Bill Davis, author of the monthly ride calendar and local cycling celebrity, shares the following ride report.

The Palmyra to Blissfield Loop

We gathered at the little church in Palmyra. Palmyra is on US-223 between Adrian and Blissfield. The usual group Mark Kast, Bob Pardee, Tom Meyer, Bart Northrup, and me, Bill Davis. This is one of my favorite rides, it’s flat, and follows mostly low trafficked roads. And last night featured beautiful weather. We had the usual banter: Tom giving his nephew Bart a hard time and Bart giving it back. And since we’d had a rather up tempo ride on Monday night, last night was more laid back.

As we got closer to Blissfield we turned onto Rouget Rd. We saw at least half a dozen hummingbirds flying across the road and down in the deep ditches they always have near Blissfield. Then my favorite stretch of road. Iffland runs into Blissfield along the Raisin river. Sadly time and tide wait for no man. The surface of the road is deteriorating with cracks every ten feet. I had my hybrid so it didn’t bother me much, but the road bikes were rougher.

In Blissfield we stopped for ice cream at the Frosty Boy. I made a good decision by having the small instead of the medium. It seems like I’m always the one everyone else is waiting for when we stop. Then we had a bit of luck. The city has torn up a section of Beamer Rd. and tarred it, 5 MPH the sign said. Luckily we diverted through the high school parking lot and detoured around the tarred section of road. The last 8 miles were a little chilly with the ice cream in my stomach and the sun setting earlier and earlier. We finished before 8:00p, but just barely. Another beautiful evening on wheels.


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