ALERT: Michigan Cyclists Please Act

From the League of Michigan Bicyclists:

Hello Michigan Cyclists,

LMB has received countless phone calls and emails regarding the intolerable remarks against bicyclists made last week on Greater Media’s Detroit radio station.

Greater Media has failed to take appropriate corrective measures.  In reaction to these statements, LMB posted an open letter today to Greater Media and their advertisers that we are asking Michigan cyclists to sign.  You can read, sign and add your comments to the letter from our news page.

Please be civil in your remarks.  This petition will be monitored and posts with profanity, threats and other offensive remarks will be removed.  If you listen to the latest podcasts you will hear DJ’s Deminiski and Doyle selectively read some threatening hate mail that they have received from bicyclists.  LMB obviously does note condone these violent communications and we certainly do not want to give them additional fuel to promote their disdain for the cycling community.

I hope you will find the online petition a constructive and effective outlet to vent your frustrations for the hostile remarks made against bicyclists.

Please share the link widely with your local bicycling friends and family.


John Lindenmayer
Associate Director
League of Michigan Bicyclists


One response to “ALERT: Michigan Cyclists Please Act

  1. I am a regular rider and I agree that we should be allowed the right of way. However it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize who loses in this sort of confrontation. Most sensible riders will ride on the side and more than give way. As usual it’s the few among us that spoil it for the many.