more cycling in Lenawee County

Here’s the skinny:

This week, two new riders joined the Wednesday evening group. LuAnn was the first person I ever met who recognized me from the blog and admitted to reading it. I met her on PALM. It was the first time she’d participated in the tour, and her first time doing a long-distance ride like that. She showed up last night, having not had any real opportunity to ride since PALM concluded, and was ready to go 50 miles. She settled for half that, but she’s talking about joining our end-of-the-season century ride in October. (Stay tuned for more on that.)

Jim is an advocate, organizer, and champion of ordinary joes everywhere who ride (or want to ride) a bicycle. Jim has lost 52 pounds, using his bicycle as his primary means of exercise. He’s ridden 3500 miles this year on a Trek Soho single speed. His goal is ride 5200 miles before year’s end. Jim has just begun working with Christian Family Centre to organize a group aimed at getting more people on bicycles for fun, fitness, and fellowship. He has ideas for raising bicycle awareness, rider education, coordinating maintenance and repair clinics, putting together bike path rides, and a lot more. We even talked about organizing a bicycle co-op and about setting up a “ride-sharing” network for folks who want to take up bike-commuting. (See the Lenawee Local page to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.) You’ll hear more about the CFC group in the weeks and months ahead.

Finally, efforts are underway to gauge interest and eventually organize a student-led bike club at Adrian College campus. The campus is pretty quiet right now, but classes begin in less than four weeks. Hopefully I’ll have some good news to report in September.

That’s the bike news from Lenawee County. Want to take a ride?


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