Wednesday night blueberry ride

Tomorrow night’s weekly ride starting from Trestle Park will be a blueberry run. (Click the link to the right for a route map.) For those planning on bringing home some of those scrumptious berries, bring a Ziploc bag. Prices are $3/quart and can be prorated. Please bring exact change because no cashier will be available. Jim D. will have his panniers on, and has kindly offered to schlep berries for others. (He didn’t say anything about portage fees, though, so you’d better be sure you have a firm agreement up front.)

One more thing: slather on some bug dope, lest the recent plague of mosquitoes spoil your berry-picking fun.

a wave and a nod

To the guy who just went past my building (10a, Tuesday) heading south on Madison St., pedaling a yellow trike by hand. Nice work, my friend. Ride on. If you happen upon this post, be sure to say hello.


2 responses to “Wednesday night blueberry ride

  1. Jim Dickson

    In spite of the forecast, the ride was dry! Previous rain washed the berries on the bushes and made for good nibbling as we picked:) I think everyone filled their Ziplocs to the portion they wanted… and tummies, too. M’skeeters weren’t bad, either. This was our first group venture off the Trail, thanks to all the brave souls who came out for the ride! Traffic was less than moderate, nice undulations on the route and I hope we can do other destination rides for the venturesome! Berries will be in season through August, am told.