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Cataluna JerseyIn May, I ordered this sweet jersey featuring the official promotional poster for the 1943 Vuelta Catalonia in Spain from the Retro Image Apparel Company‘s Horton Collection. I can’t recall when or where I first saw the jersey, but I knew right away that I wanted one. So I earmarked some graduation money, and placed my order hoping to receive the jersey in time to wear it on the PALM tour.

The jersey arrived a few weeks later. The website suggested ordering one size up since the jerseys run small. I followed their advice, but the jersey turned out to be too large for me. So I sent it back to exchange it for the next size smaller. And then I waited. And I waited. And I waited.

We’re now into the first week of July, and I still haven’t received my jersey. So yesterday I wrote the company to inquire about its status. I was told that stock had dried up at the manufacturer. Then, last night, as I was pondering whether to cancel my order altogether, the president of the company called me. He apologized profusely that communication had been so poor and that I had not been given a clearer indication of what was going on. He updated me as thoroughly as possible on the status, offered his best estimation of when I might expect to receive my jersey, and explained exactly what the process would be once the stock arrived. He promised to keep me abreast of everything until I had my jersey in hand. Finally, he offered me a 30% discount on a future purchases, indicating that I should place the order directly through him. When I said I couldn’t be sure of doing any further business with the company on account of this experience, he offered to refund 30% of the current order, and then proceeded to do so while I was on the phone.

Mistakes happen. What stands out in today’s marketplace is how companies handle those mistakes — those that even bother to do so, that is. Roger Mallette and the Retro Image Apparel Company handled this situation in stellar fashion. As a result, they get both my future business and my recommendation.

Now, I realize a good many of my readers are not the sort to don cycling jerseys on any regular basis. However, for those who do, and for those who might one day have either occasion or the inclination to try, I hope you’ll give a look at what Retro Image Apparel has to offer.


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