le bici di Roma

I’m back. One can only imagine how desperately you’ve missed me.

Rome 2009 140 reduced

Rome, as one would expect, was positively spectacular. I did not, however, have an opportunity to rent a bicycle while I was there. I am deeply disappointed about that, especially since I discovered only on the last day, while standing in the hotel lobby waiting for my ride to the airport, that there was a bike rental business at the end of the block, just around the corner, in the exact opposite direction I had walked each day when I left my hotel. Drat! Next time, I suppose.

I’ve uploaded an appropriately bike-themed photo-set to Flickr. Check it out when you have the time and inclination. In the interim, two of my favorites have been inserted into this post. Ciao!

To your left, the Temple of Hadrian.

To your left, the Temple of Hadrian.


One response to “le bici di Roma

  1. 10thousandfeet

    LOVE the first photo. Stunning color and nice framing of the bike.