PALM day six — finis

We ended the tour with a beautiful, 34-mile spin into Lexington, at the shore of Lake Erie Huron. The temperature was cool; the wind was calm; and the scenery was lovely. If that weren’t enough, much of it was downhill.

Once in town, I dipped my tire in the lake, snapped a picture (stay tuned for the full photo album in a day or two), and headed to a local lunch counter for coffee and a bagel.

Eventually, our grand finale parade got underway. It was fun, but should have been much longer. It’s pretty cool seeing more than 700 cyclists pedaling together through town. And I absolutely love seeing cars backed up waiting for an endless stream of bikes to cross an intersection.

It’s been a good tour. I am so deeply and sincerely grateful for the means and health and opportunity to ride it. I am certainly looking forward to the next one, be it PALM or some other route.


2 responses to “PALM day six — finis

  1. You finished in LEXINGTON ON LAKE HURON, not Lake Erie.

    See you soon, Scott.