PALM day five

Thanks to a good night’s sleep and an early start, today was probably the best leg of the tour for me in terms of physical performance. I averaged 16 mph over 60 miles. The freshly and professionally tuned bike felt and sounded great. There wasn’t much to see or do on this leg (which certainly isn’t a bad thing at all), so it was easy to just stay on the bike and keep going. However, I did stop at Ruby’s Diner, at about the 40-mile mark, and have a delicious breakfast, featuring French toast, bacon, and coffee. I could have eaten more, but I had 20 miles to go, and decided I’d better not.

I’ve gotten lots of comments on my “3 Feet Please” t-shirt the two times I’ve worn it. (NB: EVERYTHING gets worn two times, if not more, on a tour like this.) I realize it’s preaching to the choir to wear it here. But it’s still nice to be pointing folks in the direction of this wonderful effort to raise awareness.

Tomorrow, we ride the final leg of the tour, a 30-mile or so trek into Lexington at the western shore of Lake Erie Huron. I’m weary and tired. I can feel the road deep in my muscles and bones. I miss my family, my bed, and my morning coffe. But, as God is my witness, I wish it weren’t over. It has been a marvelous journey.


One response to “PALM day five

  1. merricontrary

    we miss you, too, but i am so so glad that you’ve had such a wonderful time.

    family, bed and coffee will be glad to have you back.