PALM day three

Today’s ride covered a little over 58 miles, spanning the distance between Stanton and St. Charles, with an optional loop around Crystal Lake. Had I taken the full optional it would have resulted in a century. For a variety of reasons, though, I decided against doing that this year.

Once settled in camp, we loaded. The kids into the trailer and rode together into town for a hearty and delicious dinner, long overdue beers, ice cream, and swimming. All seemed perfectly splendid until we returned to camp and both kids melted down at once. The eldest decided she wasn’t going to sleep until long past midnight.

Wednesday awaits, with about 67 miles in store. I’m sunburned, slightly under-hydrated, and desperately in need of sleep. Yeah, should be fun.

Next stop, Frankenmuth, followed by camp in Vassar.


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