PALM day two

Here are the highlights from the second full day of riding on PALM 2009.

I rode 59.8 miles with my eldest in tow for the first 18. I’m so proud of her.

I met a reader of my blog! Someone who isn’t related to me our in some other way obligated to read. I’m not quite sure how she recognized me or made the connection, but she said she’s been reading it for about two months. That’s so cool.

The optional route afforded some spectacular farmland and big sky vistas. I took lunch at a quiet little general store and deli, and stopped, a mile or so further down the road, at an Amish storefront for some delicious meat and cheese to bring back to camp.

Today’s ride was quite good, despite a number of serious hills and an unexpected headwind out of the east. It feels so great being out on the bike everyday like this. I wish I could describe it better. These blog entries will never do it justice. Stay tuned for the pictures.

Camping, on the other hand, has been tough. Doing something like this with kids so young is challenging, to put it mildly. It’s pretty difficult to relax in the evenings after a day of riding. They seem to be having fun, though … for the most part.

PS: on the off chance that anyone has posted a comment who has never done so before, I regret that I’m unable to moderate comments from my phone. If you’ve commented before, it won’t be a problem. For new folks, I promise to get those welcomed remarks into public view as soon as possible.


One response to “PALM day two

  1. I was curious to know how PALM was going to work out with the family, but 18 miles in tow is impressive for both your oldest and for you carrying the extra weight. Go scribe-rider!