PALM day one

This morning, I dipped my rear wheel in Lake Michigan, snapped a picture, and headed east.

My eldest rode the first 26 miles with me in the trailer — a personal best for her. At one point, though, she decided the free ride was over for her stuffed animals and sent them flying out of the trailer and into the path of my fellow riders. We made a quick turnaround and they were safely retrieved shortly thereafter. Good times.

We took an early lunch lakeside at a small park (Twin Lakes). We enjoyed bread, cheese, smoked ham, cold Cokes, and a swim. Then mom and the kids headed for our campsite in Grant, and I rode the remainder solo. I felt like I was flying without the weight of the trailer behind me.

I ended the day with 49.46 miles on the clock. What a terrific Fathers’ Day.

One more thing: riders of all ages participate in this tour. At one end, my youngest is here at just over eight-months-old. At the other end, there are two riders here in their 90s! That’s absolutely fantastic. Pray God I’m riding like them at their age.


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