pedal-based ecumenism

Who says Methodists and Presbyterians have nothing in common? This past Wednesday night, I joined a group of riders from two local churches for a weekly casual ride. The get-together began only this spring, but they’re already enjoying a good turnout. Ordinarily, the group rides the Kiwanis Trail Bike Path from Trestle Park in Adrian to Tecumseh and back. Last week, they ventured beyond the end of the path and into Tecumseh for ice cream. This week, when we reached the end of the trail, two riders decided to head back the way we’d just come, and the rest of us returned home via country roads, treating ourselves to a couple of hills that demanded they be taken seriously. I can’t figure out how to embed the actual map (it might be that doesn’t allow it), so you’ll have to click on the button below to see our route, if you’re interested.

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The six riders who made up this week’s group were a terrific bunch of folks. The primary purpose of these Wednesday night outings is to get people outside on their bikes. As I understand it, one of the participants more or less began riding with the formation of this group, and she’s even now enjoying the thrill of breaking in her sweet new Electra Townie bike. Even though riders reflect a broad range of styles, interests, and skill levels, everyone is made to feel very welcome and no one gets dropped. If you’re in Adrian with nothing to do on a Wednesday night, come join us.

We leave for PALM tomorrow! (NB: that exclamation point serves to indicate both excitement about the tour and alarm at all I have yet to get done.) Two days after we return, I’ll take part in the Hospice of Lenawee Walk, Run, and Bike Tour. And a day later, I depart for Rome to attend a conference. Now, I could go to Rome and spend the entire week sitting on the front steps of my hotel and have a terrific time. Come on, it’s Roma! But, if my schedule permits, I’m planning to rent a bike while I’m there, and that will make for an exceptionally spectacular visit.

I’m going to try to publish some short posts from the road. However, in the event that I am unable to blog during the tour and my trip abroad, I’ve scheduled a couple of posts to appear in my absence. Rest assured, I will have a heap of pictures and a wealth of experiences to share upon my return.


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  1. You get to go to Rome? To a conference? Wicked COOL!! I’m so jealous. 😀

  2. It’s too bad that you weren’t able to imbed the map of your route in this post. However, I’m glad it didn’t work out as it gave me a chance to check out the “mapmyride” site. Being new to the hobbie I found it a fantastic tool!