adrian locksmith and cyclery

I paid a second visit to my new local bike shop this morning to drop off my rear wheel for spoke replacement and truing. In an effort to save both time and money, I removed the wheel from the bike and also removed the tire from the wheel. They said the job would cost $12 ($2 for the spoke and $10 to true the wheel) and probably take two or three days. I got a call less than two hours later saying the wheel was ready to go. And the total came to only $11.06. Excellent.

Three cheers for the local bike shop. The store was already hopping when I went in at 9:30a, with new bikes on display in the parking lot beneath a tent and sales running on everything in stock. If you’re in the area and reading this, be sure to stop by and pick up some new gear.


2 responses to “adrian locksmith and cyclery

  1. that is cheap.. not sure your wheel size but for my 26 it’s 15 per wheel to true it. They’re an ok shop but don’t seem to go out of their way to ask the customer about other problems on the bike that the customer may or may not be aware of. Quick turn around is both good and bad. the good meaning you are on your way easily but the bad is that the quality may slack. However they’re all very friendly and it makes the atmosphere comfortable to browse.

    • I hear what you’re saying. I’ve spoken with others who’ve indicated mixed feelings about the shop, and I’ll admit to having a few reservations of my own. This experience, however, was a good one. And since I’m new to town and always keen to support local business, I’ll give them the benefit of any doubt. I’m eager to check out other shops in the area, though, too. Are there any you’d recommend?

      So, clearly you’re a local. Come on out and join us for the Wednesday night ride sometime. I won’t be there this week, but I’ll definitely be there the week following. Any chance you’re planning to participate in the Hospice ride this Sunday?