posting from afar (self-righteously)

With PALM less than three weeks away, I thought it might be time to give WordPress’ email publishing option a go. God knows I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize my fledgling readership. Hence, I figure it’s imperative that I find a way to keep everyone updated from the road. If you’re reading this, I’ve been successful in my initial test.

Meanwhile, a friend just sent me this:

Pearls Before Swine

***Update (minutes later): Wow. Now that’s one nifty little WordPress tool.


2 responses to “posting from afar (self-righteously)

  1. 10thousandfeet

    HA! I read that in the paper yesterday and was hoping someone would put it up. 😀

  2. ROTFL!!! I love “Pearls before Swine.” One semester, one of my English profs (for a medieval lit class) put the comic where Pig and Rat are discussing Pig’s viking action figures and it was a RIOT!! 🙂