blogging woes and happy rides

OK, first the happy news (because God knows I could use some). I rode today, and that makes a week straight (assuming we allow for one day off, which tomorrow likely will be). My total for the six days was 172.4 miles. That’s pretty cool. During this afternoon’s ride, I spent some time thinking about what difference riding like this (both more frequently in general and particularly so many days in a row) had made or was making, and I noticed a number of things. I found that I’m increasingly able to take corners more sharply and at higher speeds, that I carve a straighter line overall, and that my pace and pedaling have become steadier, stronger, and more sure. It’s a great feeling. And speaking of feelings, well, let’s just say my body is getting used to time in the saddle.

Now to the blogging woes. For some unfathomable reason, I appear to have taken on one of the most difficult (for me at least) tasks first with respect to the Lenawee Local pages: an events calendar widget. I cannot, for the life of me, find or figure out a suitable solution. WordPress.ORG apparently offers a fantastic plug-in for this, but it isn’t available to WordPress.COM users (as far as I can tell). I tried for some time to install a Google calendar as a widget, but met with no success. It doesn’t help one bit that I’m a complete idiot when it comes these sorts of things. (I really have no business running a blog.) My ideal would be something that allowed visitors to upload events themselves (pending moderation), and that allowed active links so that visitors could easily access additional information whenever available. But for now, I’d be quite happy to settle for a simple running list with basic information that I can keep up-to-date without much trouble.

If you’re reading this and are able and willing to help, I would be thrilled to hear from you. In other words, PLEASE HELP!


3 responses to “blogging woes and happy rides

  1. doesn’t allow scripts (which is what a Google calendar would be). You might try creating a page for events, and allowing people to add their event via a comment… Then you’d only have to delete the comments after the event has passed.

    Just a thought. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Heather. I’ve considered this. I suppose it would be better than nothing, but it would have the drawback of requiring people to visit that specific page in order to see what was going on. That’s fine as far as it goes, but it would be nice if visitors would have the opportunity to learn and/or be reminded of rides and events automatically each time they drop by the blog.

    Is the “Path Markers” area on the sidebar of your site static text that you update manually?

  3. Yes — that’s just a text widget that I update whenever I have events come & go. It’s not bad since I don’t have that many events going on at any one time (and I’m an internet/web design freak), so it’s mostly a matter of remembering to update it . So, I guess it would depend on how many events you’re talking about, and what you’d be comfortable doing.