rapha continental breakfast

The girls at Bike Skirt have gotten me hooked on the Rapha Continental 2009 tour across the south-central and southeastern United States. This in turn has made me want to ride my bike more than ever, which, in a way, I guess I’m doing, but still not like I wish I were. I’ve managed to ride every day since last Thursday (five in a row and counting). I hit the road the minute I put my daughter down for a nap and try to make it home before she wakes up: 45 minutes out and 45 minutes back, going as far as I can in the time allotted. It’s become the highpoint of my day, and it’s wicked cool seeing the miles pile up (146.5 so far) and some pounds fall off.

Recently, I watched up ahead as a hawk landed not far from the edge of the bike path. It let me get fairly close to the spot where it had landed before taking off again and flying very low, parallel to the trail and in the same direction as I was heading, for the space of about thirty yards, at which point it lighted upon a tree branch. Hawks are so majestic when soaring far above us in the sky, but on the rare occasion that I’ve gotten to see one up close it’s their power and strength that has struck me as most remarkable.

This is National Bike Month, as you know, and May 11-15 is Bike-to-Work Week (with Friday being Bike-to-Work Day, which probably reflects a somewhat desperate attempt to get as many people as possible on a bicycle at once for a period of time befitting the broadest common denominator). Our community is celebrating with a free pancake breakfast at a nearby public market, sponsored by the Drive Less, Live More campaign. I currently work from home, but I think I’ll meet up with one of the groups riding in from various locations and then ride home, to work, afterward. Anyone else out there have a local event you’ll be participating in Friday?

For anyone still keeping tabs, my total for the Young’s Ice Cream Charity Bike Tour is at $560, and I’m hoping for pledges from at least another six or seven people to come in soon. I want so badly to attend the next rally ride scheduled for Sunday, May 19, but my two-year-old is slated to make her stage debut in a children’s program at church, so riding will have to take a back seat to that. On the off chance she gets stage fright during Saturdays’ rehearsal and gives me the implicit green light to ride, my plan is to ride to and from the starting point, which would mean an 80-mile day when all is said and done, my longest ride to date.


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  1. No community events that I know of, but I am planning on commuting to work by bike (as is usual during the good weather 🙂 ) and I have it on my events calendar on my website…. 🙂

  2. Terrific! Let us know how it goes. Maybe you can twist the arms of some friends or colleagues to do it with you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for positively splendid weather everywhere.