bike chow

OK, I didn’t get to ride as much as I would have liked this past weekend, so I decided I was going to try really hard to ride every day this week at lunch. I rode Monday. That was it (thus far). I’m so pathetic. To be sure, it was pouring rain by mid-day yesterday, but I have no excuse for Tuesday, and I don’t know what today will hold. [Update: Thirty minutes after posting, I grabbed my bike and made for the door. Ninety minutes later, I returned to my desk with a smile on my face, sweat on my brow, and 26 miles on the clock.]

Check out the new comment from David on “what’s a boy to do?” for links to some thoroughly amusing parodies of the New York Times article from China.

Finally, concerning the title of this post, this past Monday, for some reason, perhaps either because I was thinking about the upcoming Giro d’Italia or simply because I was pedaling past a variety of fast food chains at lunch time and cravings got the better of me, I decided to try my hand at eating a Clif Bar while remaining on the bike and holding my current pace. I pulled it off, but the experience was rather strange, and far from anything I’d describe as glamorous.


2 responses to “bike chow

  1. 26 miles in 90 minutes?? Holy cow.

    I don’t think staying in when it’s raining is pathetic. Of course, I’m a wimp when it comes to riding in inclement weather….

  2. Thanks, Heather. You know, that’s why we post stuff like this on a blog for public consumption, viz., so that random strangers will send us reassuring (and undeserved) words of encouragement. ha ha.

    In any event, the good news (for me at least) is that I’ve ridden the last four days in a row, so I’m feeling pretty happy about that.