let’s ride a little farther

We did it! In just over three days, pledges for the Young’s Ice Cream Charity Bike Tour on my donation page have passed the original goal of $500. Fantastic! The total is presently at $505, which does not include paper pledges still being mailed in. THANKS to everyone who has contributed!

That went so well, I’m thinking: why stop there? There’s no sense in going home just yet with so much daylight remaining. Want to tack on a few more miles? It’s not too late to get involved. Does five bucks leave you sort on lunch money? Then consider giving just a couple of dollars to the cause, or even just one.

We’ve been getting drenched for two days straight, and there’s more rain in the forecast. Fortunately, Saturday and Sunday are looking good. Despite the rain, I think I’ll meander slowly by bike to FedEx, this afternoon, so I can ship off the final copy of my dissertation and put it all out of mind for a few months until it’s time to start thinking about publication. The temperature is moderate, so an easy ride in rain gear might be kind of nice. Later tonight, assuming things dry out a little, I’ll ride 15 miles (each way) to softball practice. The ride home will be dark, so I’ll be trying out night riding and my new lights for the first time. Here’s hoping I don’t end up in a ditch.


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