we’re off to a great start

UPDATE: Three hours later, the total stands at $400, with additional pledges pending from at least another five individuals.

In just over 24 hours since I registered for the 7th annual Young’s Ice Cream Charity Bike Tour, I’m already more than half way to my goal with over $350 in pledges! Whew-hoo! This is fantastic. I even received a donation from someone I don’t know. If you’re a reader of this blog, thank you! Now I have another reason I ride: for those who cannot and their supporters.

Meanwhile, I had a lovely 59-mile bike ride yesterday, with a hot dog, onion rings, and ice cream at the half-way mark. I rode my bike to Young’s Dairy, and the rest of the family met me there after naps. My daughters loved the ice cream and got a big kick out of feeding the goats. The weather was splendid, warm with low humidity. The wind was strong when it was there, but it wasn’t constant. The bike path is fairly sheltered, so that helps. People were everywhere on the tail. I saw everything from guys racing by on Cervelo time trial bikes, to small groups in matching jerseys pedaling in perfect sync with one another, to elderly folk on hybrids and adult tricycles, to little kids on bikes with training wheels and mom and/or dad following along.

Everyone and everything seemed so alive. It was beauty in motion everywhere I looked.


2 responses to “we’re off to a great start

  1. Make that $410, Scott. Fun to read your blog. Exciting that you’ve gotten into cycling.

  2. Cool! Thanks, Krista.

    Are there any others out there who’d like to be part of the fun? Come on, now; don’t be shy.