so, um, can you spare five bucks?

OK, I’ve been thinking a lot about participating in a charity ride. It’s been a long time since I did any sort of fund-raising, especially of the sort that requires hunting down and cajoling sponsors. But charity rides are such an integral part of the bike culture, and participating in one just seems like a logical, obvious, and necessary thing to do. Besides, I look so silly in my cycling clothes, how could I possibly be shy about asking people to give a little cash to a good cause?

yicbt-2009-logoThe ride in which I’ve decide to participate is the Young’s Ice Cream Charity Bike Tour, which supports four charities (United Rehabilitation Services, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Wellness Connection, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Last year’s event raised over $72,000. On account of the fact that we’ll be living out of the area by the time the event rolls around, I’ll only be able to do the one-day/56-mile ride option. But that’s better than not participating at all, and I’m looking forward to a terrific time.

So here’s the pitch: my goal would be to raise at least $500, which would entail getting, say, $5 from 100 individuals. ($10 from 50 individuals would be even better.) Alas, I don’t think I even know a hundred people, and definitely not a hundred that I could hit up for money. Rest assured, I intend to twist the arms of every single person I do know, but I’m sure that will still leave me far short of my goal.

Now, I appear to have, on average, about 35-40 folks regularly stopping by this blog. If even half of them pledged as little as five bucks, I’d be almost half way there. So, what do you say? Care to throw five tax-deductible bucks (or more) in this direction for a good cause? You can donate directly via my sponsorship page. I only registered this morning and I’m already off to a respectable start.

If you have any questions or concerns and prefer to chat with me outside of the blog space, feel free to email me. Thanks in advance for your support. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress toward the goal, and to post pictures and a report following the ride. I’m plan to join a couple of the scheduled rally rides prior to the event, so I’ll post on those, too.


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