pedal on, Maria

sound-of-music-on-bikesWell, heaven alone knows why it was that on this particular day, while enjoying my ride home from campus, basking in the sunshine and scoffing at the headwind, “The Sound of Music” wandered through my mind and I found myself humming “My Favorite Things,” even as I dodged busted glass and pot holes. I haven’t watched “The Sound of Music” since I was forced to do so as a kid, and I’ve always felt perfectly comfortable with that fact. (I wasn’t even aware there was a bicycle bit in the film, and while I was searching the web for an image I could use, I stumbled upon this. Nifty.) Anyhow, this slice of cultural heritage unexpectedly found its way to the fore of my cranium, and as the tune and I jostled about on the bumpy road, the strange juxtaposition gave rise to some creative energy. (Truth be told, it’s not really my best work. So I’m inclined to chalk it up not to creative energy but rather to mental exhaustion or some such. I’m actually a little embarrassed to post it, but then again I haven’t got much in the way of pride.)

Duck crap on bike paths and
Beer cans in gutters
Soccer moms in Cherokees and
Angry looks from others
Pot holes and car doors
Loose dogs and cold
Commuting by bike will never grow old!

Flat tires on Mondays and
Road salt in my chain
Grease on my pant cuff and
Choking on bus fumes
Panniers and fenders
Rain gear and lights
Nothing compares to commuting by bike!

[Bridge — taken straight from the original no less!]
When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things and then bike commuting isn’t so bad!

Odd looks from loved ones but
No carbon emissions
The best parking places
in adverse conditions
Roll Kevlar, pack patches
Dodge busted glass
Going by bike is always a gas.

OK, I’ll be the first to admit that the New Belgium Brewing Company video I saw posted over on Bike Skirt is infinitely better. Be sure to give it a look straightaway, and do everything in your power to ensure the preceding does not get stuck in your head.


2 responses to “pedal on, Maria

  1. This is great!! Love the lyrics. I’m sure I’ll have some version of this going through my head tomorrow morning.

    Funny, my friend posted a similar kind of thing today, changing one of her favorite songs to fit running –

  2. merricontrary

    [i]Odd looks from loved ones but
    No carbon emissions
    The best parking places
    in adverse conditions [/i]

    awesome! good work.