around the neighborhood

From the outset, I had always envisioned that this blog would serve, in some way, the bicycling community in and around Lenawee County, and especially the city of Adrian. The time has come to get things underway. I’ve rolled out a fresh look on the blog, and with it I’ve set up a new page: Lenawee Local. Take a look and see what’s in the works.

Ambitious? Idealistic? Romantic? Naive? Over-reaching? Yeah, probably a little. But a good thing, no? Who knows what, if anything, will come of it. I’m hopeful, and committed, and not a little bit excited. That’s enough for now. With some luck, it won’t be long until I’ve got a good number of folks giving me a hand. If you live in or around Adrian or Lenawee county and want to see the area become a thriving hub of bike culture, get in touch with me, and let’s get started.


One response to “around the neighborhood

  1. Sounds great! You can lead the local velo-revolution.