blogs on touring and family cycling

One of the PALM organizers has put me in touch with another couple who will be participating in the tour and might be bringing along their one-year-old child. We’ve since exchanged a few emails and in the course of doing so the question was raised whether there are any good blogs or websites on the topic of family bicycle touring.

I have bookmarked and frequently visit the following  sites on touring. Note that the emphasis here is on light, casual, recreational touring, not endurance races. All of these were found more or less by accident. I haven’t really put any effort into seeking out sites on the topic. Were I to do so, I’m sure I would find countless resources on touring.

I have also stumbled upon the following blogs, pages, and sites that discuss bicycling with kids. These were also found serendipitously. Unlike sites devoted to touring, however, I suspect sites on family cycling, especially with quality content, would be much harder to come by.

These are terrific resources. Surely there are others available also. Does anyone have any they would care to suggest?

Hopefully, Hadrian on a Bicycle will become a valuable resource for information on family cycling as our family first tackles this tour together and later takes on the challenges incorporating bikes as much as possible into our daily transportation needs.


2 responses to “blogs on touring and family cycling

  1. i know you’ve posed the question before, but i clicked on all of your family biking links to find out some tips for the ‘lopsided kid in a helmet’ situation, and none of them seem to address it (except for one commenter, who said she didnt have her kids wear helmets for that very reason, and with whom i’d have to disagree. mostly because your kids are so cute.).

    so here’s another plea for tips. trailer or rear-mounted seat, how do you keep the kid from being uncomfortable in a ride that clearly wasnt meant to accomodate the helmet?

  2. You may want to have a look at a great site for family travel by bike.