friday ride to visit mom

covington-ride-21309-0012The forecast promised sun and a high of 46-degrees, so I took today off and pledged to work tomorrow to make up the lost time. (I’m on a very serious deadline right now, with barely four weeks remaining. It’s a catch-22. I can’t afford any time off, but getting out for a ride ultimately makes me more productive — not to mention easier to get along with, because I’m a serious crank when I’m locked into my writing.)

I was treated to beautiful country roads, a big, blue, sun-drenched sky, and a free lunch at mom’s house mid-way. I also remembered to take pictures finally! (As luck would have it, however, some appear to have gone missing. They simply weren’t on the camera when I got home and tried to download them. Alas. I need to figure out what’s going on because losing pictures you thought you had really bites.) The trip was about 26 miles each direction, which makes it my longest ride to date. I’m feeling pretty happy about that.

covington-ride-21309-004Also, for all the bad press we like to give motorists, which they readily deserve far more often than not, I have to share a few good words for two drivers I encountered. The first was a guy in a truck leaving a farm I had just stopped in front of to take a picture (one of the ones that happens to have evaporated, much to my chagrin). I waved. He waved. And then he pulled up alongside me and asked if I needed anything. A perfect stranger, just making sure everything was all right. Later, close to my house and well within city limits where roads are narrower and more crowded, a car slowed behind me. I figured they were waiting to turn into a driveway I was just about to pass. I gave them a wave over my shoulder to show my appreciation for their patience. As I did, I heard the driver yell out the window, “You all right, buddy!” (exact quote). Well, bless you, too, ma’am. Thanks. I’m much obliged.

Here’s something I thought about while I pedaled. I like how so many country roads are named after the two places they connect, or else after something of significance on that road (e.g., a school, or a church). There is something so functional, practical, direct, and simple about that approach. It seems almost to mirror the essence of the bicycle that carries me along those very same roads. It does what it was designed to do, flawlessly and with unmatched efficiency, and everything that makes it work is right there in front of you. I’ve got some more I think I want to say about this sometime, but I don’t have it all sorted out just yet.

OK, to wrap this up, my wife is trying to kill me. Seriously. I burned like 1700 calories on this ride, only to find the kitchen counter awash in homemade cookies when I walked in the door.


3 responses to “friday ride to visit mom

  1. Nice pictures! There are motorists in Nashville who deserve credit, too. Good of you to point that out. Sometimes it seems like an us vs. them thing, and on the whole that’s unproductive.

    p.s. your wife can send those cookies my way anytime!

  2. Yeah, truth be told, these were just two of my favorite examples from this ride. There were actually a number of drivers who went out of their way to give me space. Lots of folks waved. A few gave a gentle tap on the horn when they were still some ways off.

    As for those cookies, alas, I’m afraid all that remains are crumbs and a guilty conscience.

  3. wife of scribe

    wife of scribe, writing from the intersection of Cookie and Diet (otherwise known as Good Intention-Bad Influence Rd.); those pictures are really lovely and serene. you have a nice eye.

    it’s also nice that you’ve written about good sharers of the road, with all the vitriol that seems to be on the web about drivers vs bikers.