recycling old rubber

First, an update on Hannah and her resurrected Schwinn Hollywood. I wrote her dad to make sure everything was all right with the bike once he got it home, and to see how his daughter liked it. Here’s his reply: “She likes it but she is waiting for the chain guard [ed. note: the original chain guard was missing, so he found a replacement on eBay] before she rides it. She has been taking pics of it and emailing her friends. She really loves that bike.” How cool is that? A fourteen-year-old girl showing off pictures of her forty-year-old bike o her friends. Nice. My day is off to a good start.

Picking up on my remarks a few days ago about recycling tires and tubes (an idea I was surprised to see solicit no comments — hint, hint), the March issue of Bicycling features a sidebar on recycling your old tubes. Their suggestions include using worn tubes as a frame protector, patch material, custom-sized rubber bands, and more. To these I would add at least one more: rim strips in particular are an excellent source for shims, which you can use when mounting lights, reflectors, etc. to your bike. What do you do with your tires and tubes when you replace them?

The fifth annual Handmade Bicycle Show is slated for February 27 — March 1 in Indianapolis. Hmmm, I wonder if I can make it? Is anyone reading this planning to attend? Has anyone here attended in the past? This year’s show is highlighting the work of the “Original Six,” those who have had their creations on display every year since the show began. Follow the link to learn more about these guys and to find links to their own websites where you can see their art. Commemorative postcards and posters are available for those of you looking to dress up your correspondence, or decorate your new digs. What lip-bitingly beautiful bikes. They give my old Schwinn low self-esteem. In a similar vein, the Ann Arbor Classic Bike Show is the largest vintage bike show in the US, and will be held on April 26th. Pray God I’m in Michigan by then.


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  1. Trisha and I might go to NAHBS! I want to check out A.N.T.