One Ride Down, Two To Go

Monday: day two of the “Seven-day, three-ride-minimum pact.” The plan (yesterday) was to ride my bike to the post office, the library, and the local coffee shop. But, upon waking up this morning, I realized that today was a holiday and that all of the above would be closed. The temperature was hovering around 20-degrees and snow covers sidewalks, bike paths, and the better part of most residential streets. Nevertheless, with the extended forecast hedging bets on warmer temps and my seven days ebbing away, I had no choice but to get out. Aside from the cold, it was a beautiful winter day full of sunshine. So I took a 20-minute joy ride. Boy, it took an awful lot of effort and self-motivation to get myself out of the house, on the bike, and pedaling long enough to actually begin enjoying it. And honestly, while I certainly did enjoy it (to a point) and am quite grateful that I got out there, I think I would have gotten much more out of it if I had been running errands or riding a predetermined route. Just wandering about in this weather was tough. I stayed warm enough on the whole, but my hands were wicked cold. I’ll attempt my original plan of action tomorrow, and I’m still holding out hope for a club ride on Saturday, though the forecast is now saying a high of only 28-degrees.

Later tonight (hopefully), I’m going to try to get on the trainer for a bit. I just put a Tour de France DVD in the Netflix queue, and I’ve got my browser window open to the Tour Down Under website, with a bookmark stuck in the Tour of California website. I need to fill my head with visions of long, warm days and balmy evenings.


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