Two Miles

According to the CLIF Bar Two Mile Challenge website, forty percent of US urban travel covers a distance of two miles or less. I’ve read similar statistics elsewhere. If this isn’t an incredibly strong and obvious argument for riding your bicycle as a form of ordinary transportation at least some of the time, then I don’t know what is. Health benefits, cleaner air, less noise, and money saved, all from an ordinary errand or trip to work. And the best part is that the time spent on a bike for a journey of two miles or less within city limits is almost identical to what it would take by car.

So, to give you a visual sense of what two miles looks like and how much ground is covered, here is a Google map highlighting a two-mile radius from the center of Adrian. As you can see, this easily accounts for ninety-percent or more of the city.

Now, here’s what I invite you to do: group project. The best feature of the CLIF Bar Two Mile Challenge website is that it allows user to input various locations and points of interest on your two-mile map. (See the left sidebar.) This, it seems to me, would be one of the easiest and fastest ways to create an Adrian bike map. So why not take a minute to add some of your favorite, most frequented, most necessary haunts. I think it will quickly become very apparent what a thoroughly bikeable city Adrian is (or could be).


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