Deadlines Extended

The deadlines for voting in the polls currently posted to the right have been extended by one week. This is due to a sudden influx of traffic from posts I made to craigslists in Ann Arbor and Toledo seeking someone to join me in publishing this blog. I think I may now have as many as four readers. One of them even lives in Michigan, or has at least heard of the state. I want to give each of these new readers ample time to invite at least one friend or family member to tune in, and I want said proselytes to have a vote also. These things cannot be rushed.

If you’re new, I hope to see you again. Feel free to make suggestions and recommendations for things you’d like to see discussed here. If the individual who voted Michigan “better than most” in terms of bike-friendliness is reading, tell me more. What makes it better than most, in your opinion, and what would make it even better? I think the city of Adrian, due to its size, location, and layout, has scads of potential to be a fantastic bike city. I would love to see that happen.

While I’m generally thrilled to see some folks wandering my way, I am particularly glad to see that the blog is attracting a diverse community of riders. Results from the “what sort of riding do you do” poll indicate that riders of nearly every sort have stopped by, including three who identifies their riding habits and styles as “other.” Pray tell, how do you roll, my friends?

Meanwhile, I’m wondering if anyone reading this has tried to take advantage of the bike commuter tax credit. Granted, we’re only two weeks into the new year, but that also means we’re two weeks from the end of the month and the first opportunity to grab twenty extra bucks to blow at the local bike shop. Anyway, have you had any luck? Have you encountered obstacles, or have your efforts met with opposition? What sort of arrangements have you and your employer worked out? I’m curious to know how this is unfolding in various places of business. It seems to me that it might be good for those who bike to make an effort to support businesses that support their bike-commuting employees.


5 responses to “Deadlines Extended

  1. Interesting blog–we’re not really bike riders, but are within an hour of Adrian, and know the trails you ride because we’ve walked them. 🙂 Hillsdale city has a bike/walking trail that we also frequent. We have a teenage friend who fixes up old bikes and re-sells them–will direct his attention to you.

  2. The Village Scribe

    Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it. And thanks for recommending the blog to your friend. I’d love to hear more about his work on old bikes. That’s something I’m just getting into myself.

  3. Hello my bike-loving peer. What an interesting blog you have here. Admittedly I am not from Adrian, or Michigan at all for that matter, but my home in the Glass City is a stone’s throw away (read: a five minute bike ride) from the Michigan border. Oh, and I will be riding for a team this year that is based out of Adrian. I think that qualifies me to have some interest in your site here. I myself am a BMX racer, but love for 2 wheels is love for 2 wheels, you know. And in these snow-covered months I am looking for more bike lovers (of any and all kinds; I do not discriminate) to chat with while I contemplate the next day without a foot and a half of snow. I appreciate what you’re doing here and will be checking back frequently. Look, I’ve already written you a novel. Keep writing!

  4. The Village Scribe

    Very cool! Thanks for dropping by, Mav. I’m glad to see the BMX constituent represented here. I’m with you in the love for all things two wheels (though I sold off the entirety of my motorcycle interest to get the start up cash for bicycling). Tell us more about the team based in Adrian as you have the time and inclination, and keep us posted on your races.

    By the way, have you ever tried (or thought about trying) cyclecross? I’ve often wondered if BMXers, mountain bikers, and cyclecrossers got along more like friendly cousins or like brawling step-siblings. Cheers!

  5. I am proud to represent the BMX constituent! I myself have only raced for one season, but already it has taken over most aspects of my life. The team based out of Adrian is actually sponsored by On The Go Photo (, an action sports photography company. This will be my first season on the NBL national series circuit, as our home track here in Toledo is run by another sanctioner entirely (the ABA).

    As far as your question goes, no I have never considered cyclecross, but to be honest, I never much considered getting on a bike to begin with until my wonderful, 7 year-old (NBL National #13) stepson came along. My husband had been eyeing a Crupi crusier for sale at the local track for some time, and decided it would be a decent investment for me, as something I could do with the little man in my life over the summer. At first, I didn’t even want to go up the starting hill. I didn’t believe I could learn to balance at the gate. Truth be told… I was intimidated. Severe ear problems had damaged my equilibrium as a child, and it wasn’t until I was in the fourth grade that I even learned to ride a bike without training wheels. So my confidence, so to speak, on a bike was next to null. But after that first trip down the starting hill… racing up that first jump… on that red 24″ BMX bike… I could honestly write prose about that moment. I truly fell in love with BMX.

    And that, I’m sure, is only the beginning of my story, as it pertains to bikes.