Want Ad: Writer(s)

The Adrian Spokesman would like to recruit a writer or two to join him in publishing this blog. The ideal candidate would be someone in, or within 100 miles of Adrian, Michigan, who does not already run a blog of her or his own. Ideals aside, the base qualifications are simply that you know how to read and write, and that you like bicycles and ride one .

I’m really serious about this. There are hints from time to time that I have some readers out there, though I can’t imagine there are many, and I’m certain their visits are few and far between. Try as I might, I haven’t had much luck generating content worthy of comment. I’m lucky to solicit votes on my polls. So I figure why not just recruit another writer or two and see what they can do. If nothing else, I can look forward to our own orchestrated conversation. And it would be one more thing to keep me motivated, which is a big part of what this blog aimed to do in the first place.

If you’re interested, find some way of letting me know. You wouldn’t be required to write something every day. You’d be free to post on anything pertaining to bikes and riding them. Got something to say? Here’s your opportunity. Actually, having something to say isn’t even all that necessary. It’s clear from the archives that I rarely have anything to say. So just think of it instead as riding tandem, Internet-bike-commuting/sharing, spreading the good word, joining a movement, procrastinating with purpose, waxing eloquent on the beauty and profundity of all things circular (from wheels and chainrings, to velodromes, to round trips, the the cycles of life). You get the idea.


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