How was your ride?

I’m extending an invitation to readers: tell me about your most recent ride. It makes no difference what, where, or how long it was (though you may want to include one or more of those details in your report). Just tell me about the last time you were on your bike. I need some thoughts of elsewhere.

I installed a bike rack on our car this past Saturday so that I’ll be prepared to pick up a new bike when it arrives at the shop in a couple of days. But as I look forward to that day with much excitement and anticipation, I’m also nagged by the awareness that the bike I have already sits neglected in the cold garage going many days at a time without being taken out for ride. I’m feeling somewhat angry and frustrated with myself. There are other factors at work here, each further complicating the others. But rub is that riding my bike has such a beautiful way of keeping so many of those things in check. So why am I not riding it?


3 responses to “How was your ride?

  1. letsgorideabike

    I know how you feel!

    Some thoughts of elsewhere – how about Chicago? I wonder if Michigan weather is as bad as ours currently. My last ride was on Saturday (so long ago!). That’s the day it snowed 12 inches before the plows could even start clearing much of it off of the roads. A set of studded tires was the only thing keeping me upright. It was tense but fun, a quick joyride to prove to myself that I could do it. Hopefully I can work up the resolve to ride to work tomorrow.

  2. The Village Scribe

    Honestly, as much as I hate to admit it, I think I’m just being lazy. True, it is bitter cold outside right now. But that’s not really the issue (or at least it’s only one factor among others). I think the problem is that I don’t have to go anywhere right now (I’m still working from home and not yet commuting into an office on a regular basis). At present, my riding is mostly just for fun, fitness, and occasional errands. So I simply choose not to get out on my bike and then I make excuses for why I didn’t. I really and truly believe that if I had somewhere I absolutely needed to be (like at a real job!), I would be inclined to ride far more often than not, even in bad weather.

    Meanwhile, my last ride was a 30-minute joyride/fitness ride on January 5. And putting that in writing makes me feel like a total loser (you know, publishing a blog on bicycling and all).

    I hope you do ride to work tomorrow and that it isn’t a treacherous journey.

  3. My last ride was the annual New Year’s Eve race at Steel Wheels Indoor BMX facility in Hobart, Indiana. We braved frigid temps, an hour time difference, and a 4 hour drive home (which brought us back at 6:30 a.m. after being up racing all night). It was a beautiful facility. The track was smooth, the people were friendly. I got 2nd place behind a National #6 rider. I could scarcely catch my breath between laps at practice, I rode so hard and so many laps, just trying to take it all in. Our last race of the season at home in Ohio was at the start of November… and my next opportunity wouldn’t be until Feb. 14th in Columbus. With a foot plus of snow and ice everywhere, and more coming down every day this week, I am glad that I gave it my all, and completed exhausted myself while in Indiana. Two weeks though… that was so long ago. I can only hope that the opportunity will present itself soon to ride again (stop snowing, please)…