The Adrian Spokseman gets a Moonlighting Gig

I just landed a bike-related job off the local craigslist (the first of what I hope will be many). The ad read:

Bicycle Restoration WANTED I have a 1968 Schwinn that I would like restored for my daughter. If you are able to do this or know of someone that can do this, please email me. Thank you.

So I inquired to learn more. The owner was not looking for a pristine restoration. He just wanted the bike cleaned, polished, and put back into sound riding condition. This will require a lot of elbow grease (and some real bike grease, too), new tires and tubes, a new chain, and a chain guard if we can find one that suitably fits the bike.

1968-schwinn-project-1-1208After some back and forth, the guy agreed to let me do the job. He’ll pay me $75 for the work and cover the cost of all parts and supplies. I’m really excited about it. I didn’t go into it looking to get rich. Not only is it a wonderful escape for me to wrench on one of these old bikes in the basement, but I think it’s wicked cool that some kid is going to get a forty-year-old bike and totally dig it. If this goes well, I could see myself turning this into a little side business. This experience will give me a good sense of all that it entails. If nothing else, it would be cool to get parts for cost, like those dudes from Road 34 Bike Shop, Deli & Tavern.

So here’s the best part: I asked the guy if anyone else had contacted him about the ad. He replied, “A few other people have responded back but after emailing them a tad bit, you sorta can tell from spelling, punctuation and sentence structure who you feel comfortable with.” That cracked me up. I’m so glad my education is finally paying off!

The “before” picture is what you see here. I’ll post an “after” shot as soon as it’s finished.


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