Retracing My Steps

The following has little to do with bikes directly. And yet, a fundamental element of my attraction to bikes is the wandering quality they innately possess, the implicit invitation to meander they seem always to extend. Is it any wonder that the people and things associated with bicycles would also be prone to drift and mosey?

Three days ago, I was reading a post about winter bike care on Chicago Bike Blog. I followed a link inserted into a comment about customizing fenders from another reader. After making a remark of my own, I went to the homepage of this reader’s blog, which is called Herding Bats. While enjoying this newfound blog, I saw listed under the heading “Academic Stuff” a link to an Ancient Hebrew Poetry blog, which brought me through the back door into the overlapping worlds of biblical studies and (Bible) translation. “Bleepin’ busted spoke, Batman!” It just so happens that I am a biblical scholar by training and profession, and I also happen to have worked for nearly a decade with an organization that was founded around the mission of Bible translation. Fancy that.

OK, so, yeah, on some level, or in some way, I guess everything is unavoidably connected. Life is characterized by the ways in which we make those connections (versus discover them). Still, it’s pretty weird when you get doored by one like this.


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