Iditarod Trail Invitational


Merry Christmas, fellow cyclists of all types. I hope it’s an especially good one for you and yours. Let’s all take a ride today, just to say we did.

On December 23rd, the New York Times featured an article on the Iditarod Trail Invitational, “an Iditarod without the dogs.”Although participants in the endurance race can hike, ski, or bike, the article focused entirely on the latter.

I took a quick jaunt down to the local coffee shop a few days ago on a clear day with temperatures in the single digits. All things considered, it wasn’t that bad. My face, my hands, and my feet, in that order, felt the sting of the cold most severely, with my face feeling it the worst by far. I immediately set out to secure a fleece balaclava and better gloves.

Here’s what I’m thinking when it comes to winter riding. This NYT article is about an extreme aspect of cycling (and of outdoor sports in general). And the cold snap we had in my little corner of the world the other day was out-of-the-ordinary, certainly not the norm for winter. While I realize there are plenty of folks who do live in areas where winter regularly brings with it conditions like these, the majority of us do not. So if you’re getting soft and lazy about riding between Thanksgiving and Easter, watch this NYT video or take a brisk ride in sub-zero temps, and then an ordinary 30-degree day in January will feel quite balmy!


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