Phishing Follow-up

Here’s an update on the 2008 Adrian Spokesman Phishing Scandal. It turns out that, in an amateurish and shameless effort to promote my humble blog, I included the URL in an email query to someone selling a bike on eBay. Low and behold, the seller happened to be the owner of the bike shop that had once linked to my blog. Shortly after my query was sent, he received an auto-generated email from eBay warning him that my message may be fraudulent and an attempt to phish for personal information. Of course, it was nothing of the sort. Furthermore, my eBay account and this blog have nothing to do with each other, save for the fact that I happen to be the human being behind both, and I regularly troll for bike stuff on eBay. The point is: this site is not a front for phishing. It’s just an ordinary (and perhaps uninteresting and certainly little-read) blog by an ordinary guy who doesn’t even know much about such things, but who has really gotten into bicycling of late. Please continue to visit and to read and to participate. I’ll be much obliged, and I’ll do my best to make it worth your while.


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