The Adrian Spokesman DOES NOT PHISH

I just found on a website that used to link to me the following statement:

“We have removed the link to the Adrian Spokesman Blog website as it was brought to our attention that the creator of the site may be ‘phishing‘ for information that is private or protected otherwise. We urge you to not go to that site anymore.”

I have absolutely no idea what may have happened make someone think that this was the case. I am DEFINITELY NOT doing any sort of phishing. I am not a tech- or web-savvy person.I don’t even know how to figure out the number of visitors I’m getting! I’m totally new to blogging and to the Google/Blogger application. If it does something automatically that might give the impression of phishing, please let me know, as I’m not aware of it. I was so sorry to read this just now, and I feel terrible if I’ve inadvertently done something wrong.

If anyone knows of anything I can do to rectify this situation, PLEASE TELL ME. The last thing I need is a bad reputation. I’m just an ordinary guy who teaches religion and rides a bicycle. I really have NO interest whatsoever in any kind of phishing.


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