Signs of Progress

schwinn-project-004The old Schwinn has been repainted, and reassembly is soon to be underway. Two votes were cast in the poll for what color I should paint it, both for orange. It just so happens that metallic orange was my first inclination, too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a can of metallic orange anywhere. So, I went with “G. M. Blue,” which is actually for engine blocks. It’s a pretty sweet color, though (the pictures aren’t a fair representation), and one that makes me think a time long past. Now, I’m trying to settle on an accent color for the chain guard and fenders. What do you think? The leading candidate right now is silver.

I put a tube and tire on the new, quick-release, alloy rear wheel; polished the “pie plate,” cleaned the cassette, lubricated the freewheel, and reassembled. We’re making progress.

suburban-in-1973-catalogMeanwhile, here’s a shot of the original Schwinn brochure featuring my bike. I wish I could get me pair of those stylish shorts the guy on the right is wearing, since they look like a pretty good match to the “G. M. Blue.”

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