Here I am thinking about bike clubs, bike-sharing programs, and bike hubs on campus, while Marian College in Indianapolis looks to take over operations of a nearby velodrome! And not only will they take charge of the existing complex; they’re planning a significant expansion. They envision as the centerpiece of a hub for wheeled sports, a center for year-round fitness activities, an alternative transportation hub, a center for sustainable living, and a multipurpose facility to serve other community groups and activities.

Adrian College‘s Renaissance 1 program was, in part, a recruiting effort built upon athletics and an expansive building program (e.g., a new hockey rink, a new baseball field, etc.). The only velodrome I am aware of in the entire state of Michigan is at Bloomer Park in the city of Rochester Hills (nearly 100 miles from Adrian, north of Detroit). I wonder what sort of interest there would be in an Adrian College cycling team, and what sort of draw a velodrome on the Adrian College campus would have? (I jest … sort of. After all, it would be pretty stinking cool.)


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